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Indi Star: a lifelong career in entertainment

Indi Star: a lifelong career in entertainment

More than a million followers on Instagram for a girl who is still very young. Actress, singer, dancer, model. In short, it cannot be said that Indi Star is a girl who sits on her hands. Originally from Boston, her entertainment career began at a very young age. At the age of two she started dancing and at eight she moved with her family to Los Angeles to study acting. Mostly known for her role as “Kimmie” in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, Indi is now mostly pushing her music. Let’s talk to her about her past and future plans.

Images Credits Jessica Spohr

You were really young child when you started your career in the entertainment industry. Can you tell us something about your childhood?

I was born and raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and I moved out to Los Angeles with my family when I was around 8 years old. I literally moved from coast to coast and although both places have a beachy vibe, they are very different! I started dancing when I was about 2 at a local dance studio and then moved into some theater. I really loved performing and my family decided to move out to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams!  

The first role is never forgotten. What memories do you have of your first audition that ended in a positive way? What was the next phase like?

My first major role (for me) was on Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. I was so excited to get it because Henry Danger was one of my favorite shows at the time! I was only 10 when I played Kimmy but I still get recognized today for that! 

Images Credits Jessica Spohr

You really do a lot of things in the industry. From dancing to singing, from modeling to acting. What’s your favorite role now? Are you focusing more on one thing in particular?

Right now, I am definitely concentrating on my music! I have such a great team around me with so much experience and guidance and I am so excited how everything is coming together! Being in the studio with my producers and collaborating with so many talented song writers is so exciting and rewarding and I am loving what we are all creating together. That being said, I’m still really focused on acting as well. I am excited to be able to get back to in person acting classes and working on that!

Did you have a particular predisposition towards something at the beginning? Maybe dance more than singing, or vice versa.

The first performing arts that I became involved with was dance. I still love dancing and it actually led me to discover my passion for singing. I still study dancing but more because it helps with my singing and acting paths, as opposed to dancing and focusing on a professional dance path.

Did you crave to become famous in the entertainment industry in general, or did you have preferences?

Becoming famous was not my goal. Becoming really good at arts that I love has always been the goal. There is always talk about the triple threat – acting, singing and dancing – and that is a reality. Having abilities in all of those arts helps a lot!

You already have hit singles and your path in pop music seems to be overwhelming. Do you want to tell us about “Afterglow” and “Exposed”?

“Afterglow” and “Exposed” are the first two new songs that I put out that take me into an evolved and more mature sound. These songs are the first two I have put out that really show my personal stories and I feel such a connection to them. I have a third song coming out later this year that is the 3rd of a trilogy about young love. I am very proud of all 3 of these projects.

You act alongside Cary Elwes in the upcoming movie “The Hyperions”. Do you have any anecdotes from the preview set that you want to share with our readers?

I am so excited for “The Hyperions” to release next year. Cary Elwes and the entire cast and crew were so amazing to work with. It was such a cool project to work on and being the young version of Penelope Mitchell will be so fun to see on the big screen!

You are very active on your YouTube channel, what relationship do you have with social media in general?

I have a pretty good relationship with social media. My generation is the first generation to be born into social media and it has always just been there. It can be a struggle to stay active on all platforms and there are definitely waves of concentrating more on some than others. I absolutely love the connection that I get to have with all my stars in my galaxy!

The vision of you in ten years.

Ten years is a long time! That would make me 25! I am hoping to be creating music that inspires the world and touring and spreading my love, light and energy throughout the galaxy!


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