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Ines Tazi: the new webcover of the month

Ines Tazi: the new webcover of the month

When beauty, culture and intelligence meet, they create truly special and unforgettable people. And it is precisely the case of Ines Tazi. She is witty, with magnetic gaze, a rocking body and at the same time a woman engaged in social work and against inequalities. We saw her blossom in Perfect Match and we have so much to tell you about her. For example, Ines has worked to create a platform for sustainable beauty products at an affordable price!

Anyone who regularly reads LATEST knows it, we love cultural mixes. You are half French and half Moroccan, and this has certainly contributed to your education. For example, we know that at the age of 15, you embarked on your first mission with NGOs in support of single mothers in Morocco. Impressive!

Thank you for the kind words! Growing up in Morocco, I was born into a family of strong women for whom many were involved in social work. It has given me a unique perspective on the power of advocacy and the importance of speaking up for what is right. I always wanted to find ways to have a social impact, however small, the scale of this impact can be! This is what led me to then study political science.

Your relationship with NGOs and Morocco has certainly influenced your studies in geopolitics. Do you think, aside from acting, there may still be room for this kind of future for you?

I like to think that there is a way to marry your passion into your engagements. I do believe that there are many ways in which you can have an impact, and having an audience helps participate in making the cultural debates move in the right direction. I will always try to use my voice to help those who did not have the chance that I had. I think activism can take many different shapes and forms. Films, art, and literature are also ways in which you can impact the morals, values and empathy of society regarding a certain topic, aka woman’s inequality.

After a full eight years in London, you followed your acting dream by going to France, joining the famous Cour Florent. That must have been a tough choice! 

To be honest, the Cour Florent was a kind of holiday for me, whilst I was working on the launch of my business. I always wanted to pursue acting, but I never allowed myself to think of acting as a career. However, after this experience, I did realize that it is something I wanted to seriously explore in my life. Although I had no idea that it was going to come this fast.

You can’t anticipate anything personal, but how is this new adventure going? Do you think this time you could find love?

Perfect Match was a crazy adventure and I was open to meeting someone as I’m always curious and à sometimes naively enthusiastic person when it comes to love. It did not work out for me, but what people can see as failure, I see as learning. 

You also founded a sustainable personal care platform, Skult, with affordable prices. It’s the future! So far it is often said that sustainability is only for those who can afford it, what do you think?

I think it’s a very interesting topic and a complex one. To me, one of the main challenges when it comes to sustainability is not only the materials but it’s also the culture of disposable everything and over-consumerism. Buying better, but buying less, looking after your product is the main challenge of our consumerist society. Therefore, other products can be a little bit more expensive. If the supply chain is more transparent and it would incentivize a consumer to be more mindful of how they consume, this makes more sense to me. Although I do understand that sometimes certain products of necessity are price sensitive, I want to think that science and product design will allow us to create a better product, but for us and the planet. 

You recently moved to Los Angeles. Are you thinking of staying? What do you expect from the United States, and what are you enjoying so far?

I’m in the process of moving to Los Angeles, although I still have a lot of projects happening in Paris too. I am enjoying how culturally dynamic the United States is and I like to think that I can create more bridges between my countries of birth and my country of adoption, through fashion, TV, content etc.. but what I’m enjoying so far is the most is the amount of flavored ice cream you guys have in the USA haha. 

Describe yourself in ten years:

I don’t like to think of a specific plan, I want to think that I could be a multi-hyphenate person. I tend to want to get outside of my comfort zone continuously. I would like to do design, acting, maybe directing, and creating new ethical businesses. I just wanted to be a woman who is leading her career with passion and purpose.


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