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Interview with model Joanna Borov

Interview with model Joanna Borov

Her path as a model has been traced since she lived in London, but she is also full of other (and high) aspirations.
Her love for animals and the environment has prompted her to support various charities, and to adopt her beloved little dog to save him from a bad situation. Not just beauty, then, if we talk about the model Joanna Borov. We talked with her, between an anecdote and another, about her future project as a fashion designer and about her upcoming book, in which she will talk about healthy eating and maintaining physical shape.

1) Art seems to be a pillar in your life, considering your studies. What was your favorite subject? Do you still work in art?

I love art and I consider it as an important part of my life. I really enjoy reading about art history and going to the art events. To me, fashion is also art, I recently started to design clothes for women and hope to express my passion for art this way. I also love to collaborate with artists on unique ideas, like the one I did with Ace of LA and it went viral. We shot just before the pandemic started.

2) You are of Polish origin. Did your story as a model start in your homeland, or when did you arrive in the United States? Was the reason for your move to pursue your dream?

Actually, I started modeling after I moved out from Poland but it wasn’t to the United States yet. I moved to London first and studied at University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion. During my studies I started working as a part time model. One of the designers, Venera Tabakin, encouraged me to take part in Miss Motors Formula 1, a beauty pageant associated with Grand Prix. I won it and thank to that I started receiving more job offers, including Paris Fashion Week, Monaco Summer Fashion Show. I also represented my country in World Beauty Queen 2019 and spent a lot of time in Asia. After completing my studies I was traveling a lot, mostly for work. I judged an International beauty pageant in Argentina and got some jobs in Asia, I also came to the USA for holidays and decided that it would be a perfect place to live and continue my career. 

3) What are your best set memories so far as a model? Any funny anecdotes?

Last year when I was shooting for Maxim magazine, our beach shoot brought a lot of attention and people where following us with their cell phones. The photographer and I decided to shoot in a cove but little did we know the waves were really strong on that day! I was still on the ground but one lady who was walking in the water nearby was knocked down by the waves and couldn’t make it back to the shore. Some of the men that were following us hurried to help her and thankfully nothing bad happened. She was fine and grateful that our beach shoot brought so much attention 🙂

4) You have already obtained many important publications such as British Vogue, L’Officiel, Marie Claire. What’s your favorite editorial so far?

There is still so much more to do but so far I really loved the shoot by Isabel Ruen for Jimeye Designs that was published in British Vogue. It was an extremely hot day and we were shooting outside in long gowns designed by Vicky Vlasenko, I had makeup done by the lovely Reyna Khalil. The atmosphere was super great thank to the amazing team. We did another shoot at the mansion that used to belong to Shirley Temple and had a lot of fun too!

5) Is there a photographer or a particular brand you hope to work with in the future? Or a team member you hope to find on set, such as a stylist for example?

I have worked quite a lot with makeup artist Reyna Khalil, who over the years became my friend. I’m always happy when we have a chance to work together because I know my hair and makeup are going to be spectacular. There are a lot of iconic brands and photographers that I hope to work with in the future. 

6) We have heard that you are writing a book about healthy eating and maintaining physical fitness. Do you want to talk about it with our readers? Do you have any secret “beauty routines”?

I started to work on my book during covid. I had a lot of free time and I thought I could publish it very soon, unfortunately it’s still not ready, since writing is not as easy as I thought, but I hope to publish it in the following months. I always try to eat healthy. And stay active. Part of my beauty routine is skin care that I find very important. I use only very good brands and I never leave home without SPF! Even on gloomy days I want to protect my skin. 

7) We are very interested in people who are concerned with sustainability and ethics, and you are a strong supporter of charities for animals.

I love animals and nature and I do everything that I can to help animals in need and protect our planet. I support a few charities and soon I’m going to be more active with No Dogs Left Behind, a charity that rescues dogs from China. I adopted my beloved Chi Chi Boo last year. I also own a sustainable brand that offers organic and ecological clothes and toys for children. I pay attention to products that I purchase myself and always prefer the ethical ones. I also drive an electric car in California. 

8) Do you have any fashion brands that you particularly like, or that you think can represent you more?

I like sustainable brands that offer unique designs. I often search for exceptional pieces in small boutiques.  Some of my favorite famous brands are Balmain, Zimmerman. My upcoming brand Jo Borov is going to represent my style and believes. I want to offer comfortable and well-fitted garments, made of highest quality fabrics that will make women look classy and sexy at the same time. 

9) Can you give us some anticipation on your next projects? Any major casting in progress?

I would love to participate in New York Fashion Week in September! As the industry is opening up I constantly apply for new jobs and hope to do a lot of amazing things this year. I’m also working on my clothing line and hope to set everything up in the next few months. 


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