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Interview with the Celebrity Makeup Artist Allison Kaye

Interview with the Celebrity Makeup Artist Allison Kaye

Before being a great makeup artist, Allison Kaye is undoubtedly a hard worker and someone who really puts a lot of effort into what she does. Always in love with beauty, Allison is now playing a central role in the makeup of the NFL WAGS, and she has no intention of stopping! We chatted with her about her past and future plans, and how positivity can really give your dreams a big hand.

We know that your love for the beauty industry came at an early age. How did it all begin?

When I was younger I was obsessed with playing “salon” with my neighbors and would do their hair and makeup as much as I could.  I also loved doing different hairstyles on my Barbies.  My grandmother was actually a hairstylist, so I think I just had this inside me since I was born! 

You never forget your first job! Would you like to tell us about your first experience? 

My first makeup job came from someone I had worked with at the time.  I have a degree in dietetics and was working as a Dietitian and Personal Trainer and a co-worker was competing in a fitness bikini competition.  She told me my hair and makeup always looked good so she asked me to do hers.  She ended up winning the competition and I would like to think my makeup played a small part in it! I then had another co-worker ask me to work her wedding after that, and it was the first wedding I ever worked as a makeup artist.  After those two jobs, I decided I wanted to continue to do more glam and started pursuing more clients! 

You are still very young but you already have a successful position. Was it a difficult path? Did you ever have a plan B in case things didn’t go your way?

I truly never had a plan.  I kept doing makeup, taking clients, and things just started to fall into place. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and truly think it has always been in my blood to run my own business. There was a huge shift in opportunity and clientele when I bought a house down in South Florida as celebrity and influencer clients frequently visit Miami.  I do not think my life would be what it currently is if I had only lived in the Midwest my entire life! 

You have collaborated with celebrities and important magazines, but how did you arrive in the WAGS sector in particular?

Back in April of 2021 the NFL Draft was in Cleveland (where I have a second home) and I got an email inquiry from someone saying that they needed makeup for the draft because her boyfriend was getting drafted and the players mom and sister also needed services.  I flew up to Cleveland and did makeup for Mac Jones (now quarterback of the Patriots) girlfriend (Sophie Scott), sister (Sarah Jane), and mom (Holly).  From that night, I had people from the NFL follow my instagram account and secured my second NFL client  7 months later (Hannah Sieler from the Miami Dolphins).  I had thought doing makeup for the NFL draft was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it turned into something MUCH bigger as I have now been able to glam over 15 NFL teams.  My favorite part of all of this is that now teams will fly me out to do their makeup for Sunday game days! 

Is there a celebrity you hope to work with one day?

As someone who works with NFL WAGS, I of course hope to be able to glam Taylor Swift one day for a game! 

What is your favourite part of your job? The moment when you do your make-up, designing a particular hair style?

I love meeting and connecting with people. I have made so many amazing friendships with clients as we have bonded through our glam sessions! 

Is there any funny anecdote you would like to tell our readers that happened while working with celebrities?

I can’t think of any thing funny! Truly every experience has just been so great that I am blessed to work with the most genuine clients ever! 

Is there any advice you would give to young people who want to pursue this career? 

My best advice is to say yes to everything and be as professional as possible at all times.  Your social media pages are your portfolio so putting efforts into those to showcase your best work is also important.  I never tried to copy everyone else, I had tunnel vision on my own self and just naturally let things happen! I am also a big believer in what energy you put out into the world is what comes back to you so I have positivity radiating 24/7!

Any future projects you would like to tell us about?

I am looking forward to F1 weekend in Miami and also Miami Swim week this summer! 


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