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Interview with the young singer Sophia Treadway

Interview with the young singer Sophia Treadway

With her newly released single, Kiss n Tell, young singer Sophia Treadway is quickly climbing the heights to success. Thanks to her incredible voice and innate talents she had, and still has at her side, a host of incredible and very famous producers. We will not be long in seeing Sophia at the top of the charts. We chatted with her about her past and future plans, follow her with us!

Photos- David Arellano

You started really young, at just five years old your first audition with which you earned the beginning of collaboration with the infamous vocal instructor, Bob Westbrook, former teacher of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Lance Bass, Chris Young and many more. It can be said that you have always been a singer!

Oh, for sure since I could talk, you could not get me to stop singing or humming. It’s one of my first loves, music is everything to me. 

You are bilingual with a Mexican mom and an American dad. Do you care to keep the inclusion of both languages and cultures in your music?

The music that’s out right now is all in English so far but I’ve recently created some songs that are in both English and Spanish and have a Mexican sound to it. I’m so excited to share that side of me with the listeners, so that’s coming soon.  

Your new single, Kiss N Tell, produced by Grammy-Award winner 2022, has just been released. Will you be thrilled, how is it going at the moment?

I’m so excited it’s finally out! It’s a song I’m really proud about and it’s super special to me. So far, it’s doing great, it’s only been a week and it’s just hit 10,000 streams so far.  I’ve been getting great feedback, which is so exciting. 

You have had and have by your side incredible production personalities, such as Marc Williams of Indasoul Entertainment, Christopher ‘C-Ray’ Roberts of OnKey Entertainment or Autumn Rowe (best album for “We Are” with Jon Batiste). You are still young but this already denotes a great climb to success. What are your plans now?

I’ve been so blessed to work with each and every person named, they are all so special to me and I have a close relationship with all of them. I’m so beyond blessed to have these people by my side. The plans are to take it to the next level and keep growing my fan base and continue to evolve my music and puns. The dream would be to tour someday soon. 

Photos- David Arellano

As a fashion magazine, this question is a must for us. Are there any brands or designers in particular that reflect your style?

I love fashion and love so many brands and designers. I’d say my favorite store is Revolve, it’s got so many options and different designers and it’s the best. I love Zara and I’m always wearing Nike tennis shoes or Golden Goose shoes. I also love cute little boutiques and shopping in LA at different stores and new places. 

You are a passionate supporter of the Thirst for Life project, an organization that builds wells in Africa for people who lack access to clean water. Why this project? What struck you in particular?

It’s a great organization and it’s sad to think not having water is even an option. That’s something that needs to be fixed and I believe we are on the way to making a difference. A lot of other influencers are involved with the thirst project as well and it’s made a difference posting and bringing awareness, we’ve raised a lot of money to help make change. 

What advice would you give to young singers hoping to emerge?

I would say to keep working hard and never lose the love and passion you have for it. Enjoy the ride, work hard and continue to learn as much as you can in this industry and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t follow your dreams. 

The vision of you in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope to accomplish many more things in my music career. The biggest dream would be to win my own Grammy and go on my own tour all around the world performing and sell out Madison square garden. That’d be the ultimate dream and goal. 


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