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Issey Miyake Ready-to-Wear SS22

Issey Miyake Ready-to-Wear SS22

Voyage in Descent is the new spring-summer 2022 collection by Satoshi Kondo for Issey Miyake.

The main inspiration that guided the designer was the sea and the shapes of the creatures that inhabit it; the garments are mainly made of rib-knits, not straight but circular, which create an optical effect, almost hypnotizing. In addition, this fascinating technique has given greater volume to the silhouettes, deconstructing the minimal effect with peaks of movement.

“That’s a metaphor for the creative process” Kondo commented, speaking about the 40 looks on the catwalk. “We always dig down in our process so the team can explore and discover many things they have never created before”.

The collection focuses particularly on slinky clothes; the section about them is entitled Link Rings, referring to the technique used to create them. The garments, in fact, are the result of the combination of eight circular pleated fabrics. When they are on the ground, they remain in a circular position, but when they are lifted, the circles adhere to the figure and create sinuous movements.

Very interesting also the techniques of textile processing, numerous and very reasoned; for example, the group of oversized pants, along with the skirt and the one shoulder dress were hand painted in Kyoto. The group of clothes that appear secondarily have been painted with the naki technique which consists in mixing the colors on the fabric. In a second moment, these acquire different shapes, floral or maritime-themed.

The design of Issey Miyake offers us once again a very designed collection, structured in different silhouettes and techniques that are certainly always very interesting and fascinating to admire.


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