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Jil Sander Ready-to-Wear SS22

Jil Sander Ready-to-Wear SS22

“It’s about embracing a positive future”, Lucie Meier stated, talking about the spring-summer 2022 collection. “Kids are a material reminder that the future has to be better”, concluded Luke.

The creative duo at Jil Sander celebrated in June the birth of their first daughter, a huge change in their lives, which obviously influenced subsequent creations for the brand.

This spring-summer 2022 collection is slightly different from the style we are used to; the cuts and lines are oversize, softer and less tight, as well as the color palette, much more complex and joyful.

Some of the most exemplary details of this new type of simplicity are inherent in the shapes of the dresses, such as jackets without lapels, or those tied on the back by a medallion jewelry. It is certainly a more emotional collection, perhaps less serious than the previous ones, but it remains anchored to the unmistakable style of the two designers.

Therefore, this new simplicity is full of feeling, thanks to the soft pastel colors, in oversized denim with indigo shades; but also in oversized suits tending to green and lemon yellow, in striped tunics and dresses with floral prints.

Moreover, the pastel colors are accompanied by the darker ones -black and brown- and also some prints with a zebra style. ” We have learned not to take things too seriously,” the designers confirm, and indeed, what transpires from the collection is precisely the intention to experiment, abandoning for a while the strictest and austere canons that have marked their past creations. This is demonstrated more than all the dresses that close the show; embroidered with sequins and recalling a floral print, accompanied by pants and boots.

Even the shoes reflect this relaxation, the heels are not dizzy, on the contrary they look comfortable, made to be worn every day. The most striking garment is the oversized zebra coat in black and orange. A deviation from the norm dictated by Jil Sander, a relaxed fashion that amuses and looks to a bright future.


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