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Khaite Pre Fall 2021

Khaite Pre Fall 2021

With the new 2021 pre-fall collection, Khaite definitely took the AR experience to a new level. By scanning a QR code you get to see the entire collection unfolding in front of your very eyes while sited comfortably in your living room. 

The AR technology was previously used by Khaite, but it only involved shoes. Now it definitely dared to go even forward, with the entire collection knocking at your door.

Of course, seeing a collection this close has its advantages; first of all, you get a real sense of how the texture is like, of how the dresses fit the body and consequently how it will look on you, immersed in your lived space as if the outfit was already yours.

The familiarity and closeness we sense thanks to this technology translates into the easiness of the clothes themselves. “Nothing frivolous”, designer Catherine Holstein specified to Vogue when she talked about it. Instead, we had 60’s inspired- miniskirts, peacoats, over-the-knee leather boots, wide, bubble mini dresses, and jeans, no jewelry.

These looks clearly manifest the designer’s intention to dress for the moment, to be in the present -no matter how tough and challenging- rather than to propose a sweet escape. A pleasing pragmatism is evoked through the entire collection, a powerful tool with which to face the new year to come. 


"more than a fashion magazine"



LATEST S.R.L.S. | P.IVA - CF 15126391000 | REA Roma RM-1569553

Emilio Praga 35 street, 00137 Rome, Italy | +39 351 8463006


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