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LastObject and its fight against single-used products

LastObject and its fight against single-used products

We recently talked about how much the culture of reuse and second-hand accessories and clothes is back in the limelight. In this scenario, LastObject‘s commitment is exemplary, as is its fight against waste and single-used products.

This green company was founded in Denmark in 2018 by ​designer Isabel Aagaard, who, tired of wasteful habits, proposed an innovative solution. From there, in 2019, LastSwab was born, the first recyclable cotton swab made with TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer, an effective alternative to silicone) and PP (polypropylene).

courtesy of LastObject

LastSwab presents a wide range of cotton buds, both those intended for ear hygiene and those that remove make-up; both models are perfectly reusable because they can be washed with simple soap and water after use. Indeed, LastSwab is able to save about 1000 cotton buds and therefore significantly reduces the possibility of pollution.

courtesy of LastObject

The same can be said for LastTissue and LastRound, both of which are designed to last for more than a single use, these tools are nothing short of essential and great for make-up routines. Made entirely from organic cotton and durable silicone, LastTissue can be washed up to 520 times. If we consider that in America about 8,000,000 trees are demolished every year in order to make handkerchiefs, LastTissue represents a valid alternative that would allow to safeguard the ecosystem of the planet already seriously threatened.

And what about LastRound? Even this sustainable disk manages to save about 1000 disks, is made with regenerated materials and is completely compostable. If reducing the carbon footprint and decreasing the amount of water and trees used in the creation of beauty products is a common goal, LastObject certainly ranks first.


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