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“Leftovers” webitorial

“Leftovers” webitorial

When it comes to food and fashion, the first topics that come up are anorexia and eating disorders in general. Today we speak instead of leftovers, and of the consumerist society that requires us to have the refrigerator (like the wardrobe, or the house) always full of often superfluous food. Obviously too much generates leftovers that are simply thrown in the garbage, without thinking about too much.

It has been estimated that, in Italy, during the lockdown 41% of people reduced their food waste. This is also thanks to the increased time available which allowed people to think more, before buying. It is true that much of the waste comes from catering and industries, but it does not mean (as usual) that the individual has no responsibility. We can all make small changes, and together make them big. How to reduce waste at home then? Especially if you don’t have much time to go around, every day or almost every day, for fresh food?

We should prepare a meal plan and decide a day of the week for grocery shopping.
Let’s prepare a list of what we’d like to eat during that week. We have to think of all meals, from breakfast to dinner. We also have to think about those days when we already know we’re going to restaurant, and don’t buy anything for those meals.
Write the shopping list with everything we need.
Go and buy only what’s on the list. We can also buy, if we want, only long-term foods.
At home, to help yourself with the various commitments that take up a lot of time, cook what you can and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Look at the weekly list every day to see if you need to defrost something for the next day.
These simple steps will help us reduce family waste by even half!

Photography Sallyhateswing
Style Jenny Gold c/o Nina Klein Agency
Model Kisha c/o HER Management
Makeup, Hair Style Melanie Bulu c/o Nina Klein Agency
Set Design: Sarah Schmid c/o Sallyhateswing


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