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“Let’s Be Real”: Talking Real Life With Sammy Jaye

“Let’s Be Real”: Talking Real Life With Sammy Jaye

We speak today with Sammy Jaye, a very young promise of digital journalism (and, who knows, in the future also non-digital?). Her podcast “Let’s Be Real,” on air on iHeartRadio, is the youngest person’s podcast ever! Not only that, her program has already gained the presence of various famous artists like Jessica Alba, Kesha, Lindsey Stirling and many more. Sammy is interested in genuine conversations in which she and her guests can free themselves and talk frankly about real life. Topics range from mental health to political activism. Let’s find out more about her together!

In you we see summarized some of the (best) characteristics of the younger  generations. You are interested in politics and social issues (and I think we have  similar ideas), you are open-minded and with feet on the ground. Do you think  young people are ready to change their future for the better? 

I think my generation is a lot more capable than other generations have given us credit for. GenZ has lived through so much in such a short amount of time. We have a different perspective that needs to be tapped into. I believe and hope that my generation will be integral in bringing the positive change we want and need to see in the world! 

What was the idea behind the “Let’s Be Real” project? Were you inspired by  something you read or someone you admire? 

When I has a sophomore in High School my anxiety became really crippling and I started listening to podcasts as a distraction from my anxiety. I found that I couldn’t relate to the content out there. I just wanted to hear real and down to earth conversations about life from people that I looked up to in the public eye. So, I came up with the idea for “Let’s Be Real”, which is about having honest and unfiltered conversations with celebrities, activists, athletes, and influencers in the hopes that it could be a positive distraction for people to hopefully feel less alone. 

Today you are an interviewer being interviewed, it must be a strange situation!  Speaking precisely of showing yourself as you really is, is there anything you would  like to talk about? Something you expected or hoped you would be asked, a topic  you care about that you think should be “brought up”? 

Mental Health is a topic that very important to me as I have dealt with anxiety my whole life. Mental health has become such a huge issue in society and specifically for my generation and I want to help normalize the conversation so people don’t feel alone. I want to help make the situation better. In this crazy world we live in, and in social media where everyone posts their ‘perfect’ world, it’s so easy to get down on yourself. I want people to feel positive and believe that life can be an amazing journey…and that we all have similar struggles.  

You are the youngest person to host your own podcast on iHeartRadio and have  already interviewed many famous personalities. You must be very proud of how  things are going! How did you feel when it all started? 

I was super excited and very overwhelmed!! I started writing for my school newspaper in the 7th grade and found out that I loved interviewing people and hearing their stories! I would never in my wildest dreams have thought that this podcast would become what it has evolved into. I remember it feeling a bit surreal because it was truly a dream come true.  

Being LATEST a fashion magazine, this question is a bit of a must for us. Are there  any fashion brands you feel somehow connected to? Or that you think represent  your style? 

I have always loved fashion since I can remember as it has been a way of self-expression that I have always loved. The brands I wear definitely change and evolve but I love Anthropology because their clothes are so much fun and make a statement!! 

Do you have any particular hobbies? A life-long dream? 

I love being creative and making things! I love to paint (thank you to Bob Ross YouTube tutorials) and my grandma taught me how to sew when I was about 5 years old which has been a constant hobby throughout my life! I also love cooking and baking; I find it very relaxing! 

What do you think about sustainability in fashion, do you have your own idea of the  movement on the rise? How do people should and could buy more consciously in  your opinion? 

I think sustainability in fashion is so beyond important and I think it is really important that the conversation of fast fashion and the negative effects of it are being discussed more in society. Getting clothes that are ethically made is very important and I think upcycling clothes and being transparent on where the clothing comes from is so important! 

Do you have any new project in the pipeline that you want to give us a preview of? 

I just finished writing a children’s book so I’m really excited about that! Two other areas I’m passionate about and developing projects for are the education system and medical research for women. The education system doesn’t work in so many ways, and I want to be part of the solution. Regarding medical research, it’s well known that the money raised for women’s health issues are tiny compared to issues effecting men. That needs to change for so many reasons, including how it will help the economy and society at large.    


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