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Let’s dive into Tabayer Sustainable Protection Jewels

Let’s dive into Tabayer Sustainable Protection Jewels

alt=“a photo of a colourful stone on the sand from Lina Scheynius photo - essay for Tabayer jewelry”

As we have learned by now during this year and a half, the Covid-19 pandemic has abruptly shown us the importance of some concepts. Among them, Space. And not only the physical space – personal and community – and therefore the difficulties given by the restrictions. But also and, above all, the concept of space in our mind. There have been a lot of people who have had psychological problems, to varying degrees, due to the new situation.

alt=”a black and white photo of a woman’s eye from Lina Scheynius photo - essay for Tabayer Jewelry

Fortunately, we have also seen how positively some personalities have emerged. Studying, creating, discovering themselves without ever giving up. Some new interesting brands have also been born, in the wake of the new global interest in sustainability and respect for the environment. We therefore want to present Tabayer, sustainable jewelry brands born from the idea of the American Nigora Tokhtabayeva, whose fall/winter collection is in the pipeline.

On the brand’s Instagram account we can read the opening words “Objects of protection beyond possession, rooted in ethical and sustainable practices”. A small and simple presentation that manages to make us grasp the sense of what will be. In fact, Nigora has created – and we can’t wait to see the result – a series of jewels inspired by protective talismans.

Also, looking at the presentation images that are coming out gradually, during this month, on the brand’s Instagram account the imagination grows and manages to fly far towards the future lines of the Tabayer pieces.

alt=”a colorful photo of a blue base of a terracotta umbrella from Lina Scheynius photo - essay for Tabayer Jewelry”

We know that the collection has been entirely made with sustainable materials and in an ethical way: Fairmined Gold and Kimberley certified diamonds. For the uninitiated, Fairmined is a guarantee label that certifies that the gold comes from artisanal, small-scale and responsible mining organizations. The Kimberley Process (KPCS), on the other hand, is a certification agreement that ensures that profits from the diamond trade are not used to finance civil wars.

alt=“a black and white photo of a woman back with wet hair from Lina Scheynius photo - essay for Tabayer jewelry ”

A world of objects born from personal reflection on humanity and its interiority, therefore. Reflection that is also the basis of the photographer who collaborated in the creation of Tabayer‘s presentation images. Lina Scheynius, born in Sweden and based in London, is represented by Galerie Tanja Wagner. Her realism is raw while remaining somewhat sensitive, and the result has a mind-blowing impact.

In this story (we can call it that) Lina followed some key words for the realization: “personal”, “intimate”, “feminine”, “otherworldly”, “magical”. And we couldn’t agree more.

alt=“a photo of a piece of crystal is placed between a woman’s feet who is in bed on red bedsheets from Lina Scheynius photo - essay for Tabayer jewelry”

The result is a mix of color and black and white shots. Closeup portraits, intimate details, misty landscapes mixed with city lights. The photographer also portrays herself in a shot in which we see her legs and a protective crystal. The talisman is lightly supported between the ankles, a soft light illuminates it. So let’s start again from below to find a light to guide us on the journey of life. This time – we hope – taking care of our world and ourselves.

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