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LFW FALL 2021: Roksanda

LFW FALL 2021: Roksanda

When we talk about disastrous situations, in our case it was the pandemic, we often forget how real artists were able to draw something good. This is the case of the presentation of Roksanda Ilincic for her new fall/winter 2021 collection. Unable to create a real show, and even in full lockdown during the shooting of this video, we are witnessing a great cultural moment here.

The video “Friday in February” was recorded on IPhone by director and photographer Linda Brownlee at Richardson’s country house in Surrey, where the three protagonists spent their confinement period: Vanessa Redgrave, her daughter Joely Richardson and niece Daisy Bevan.

courtesy of Roksanda

Ilincic tells how – beyond the incredible pleasure of being able to shoot with the Oscar-winning actress and her family – it was difficult to shoot in a situation where they didn’t even have the help of a cameraman, the weather was terrible and they had to do everything very early in the morning to get as much light as possible. Despite the great difficulties, everything was done in such a beautiful and natural way, the images they obtained are a hymn to joy and life, and setting is perfect to connect to the theme of the rediscovery of small daily pleasures and slow living that so much is coming back in vogue. Play cards, read a good book, look at family photos and remember love.

courtesy of Roksanda

In this we have a series of soft, flowing dresses that accompany us swaying around the house, on beds and comfortable sofas, as in a dance of a classic painting. And then a series of incredibly pop pieces with more or less bright tones, which show us Ilincic’s optimistic vision for a post-pandemic future full of joy. In this, the future seems iconically represented by the younger part of the muses’ trio, with an ending in which Daisy runs off across the lawn towards it and towards freedom, watched by the smiling grandmother from the window.

Copertina courtesy of Roksanda


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