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London Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham SS21

London Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham SS21

Artistically speaking, Victoria Beckham is doing a great job. Her taste is so much refined that, even a rapid look at the photos catch your interest. Everybody is wondering how women would like to dress, what makes them feel comfortable and why. Beckham seems to hold the answer in her hands, and put her knowledge in an easy but dense collection, which is now entirely on our wishlist. 

Spring 2021 is made of slip dresses in loose silk, suits with bootcut extra long trousers and perfectly tailored blazers, a couple of denim pants with catchy details and a single necklace style – thick and flashy – which goes with every look. Chains are on shoes as well, with rounded heels: they are likely to become the safest purchase for the upcoming months. 

If we should do a list of must have pieces today, wishing to always be on point but without effort, Victoria Beckham would be the perfect visual synthesis of it. A new proof that we don’t really needs many things, but just some good selected garments, in order to have style.  

Cover image courtesy: Victoria Beckham by Andew Vowles


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