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Make-up artist, actress, model and digital creator: interview with Sydney Morgan

Make-up artist, actress, model and digital creator: interview with Sydney Morgan

Sydney Morgan is a talent in many fields. Establishing herself as a make-up artist during a dark time in her life, she has managed to make a name for herself and get so many people passionate about her work that they now follow her with interest. From her love for her cat, to her passion for acting, Sydney is a girl with many dreams and the determination to achieve them.

Photography Dylan Perlot @dylanperlot
Style Sky JT Naval @sky_is_dlimit
Makeup @makeupbyashsimmons
Hair Style Synphony Ward @signaturestylesbysynphony
PR @icon_pr

You are very young, but you have already made a big mark. You are an actress, model, make-up artist and digital creator. What does all this represent for you?

For me, doing all different types of things in Entertainment allows me to express myself and share positive values with my followers. With everything I do, I want to make sure I stick to creativity, and that I am able to inspire others along the way. I am really into the business side of things and focus on how I can help the brands, producers, or subscribers grow with me.

You have already faced very tough challenges due to chronic pain and illness. In 2018, you were diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Where did you find strength in the darkest moments?

My cat, Boots, is my everything. He is what helps me in my dark moments as he is so fun and has good energy.

Your path as a make-up artist started during a difficult period, when following some surgeries, you decided to take a sabbatical year to regain your strength. What prompted you to share the make-up looks you did on yourself with others?

I started posting my makeup on social media to create a business where I do makeup for others. Then as things took off, my goals shifted.

Social media is a double-edged sword and you have a very large audience. What is your relationship with this world?

Before I was on social media for work, I wasnโ€™t super active. I still stay active mainly for work and growth purposes versus actually spending my time-consuming media.

You have many passions that you devote yourself to in your spare time, but which activity do you prefer to do to distract yourself?

I play Minecraft and Roblox in my free time. It is something relaxing that is mindless.

Over the past year you have also been devoting yourself to acting with several projects, the first of which is a thriller entitled Shady Grove. How did the idea come about?

I have always loved acting and creating characters with makeup. I have always been fascinated with SYX in movies and that made it an easier transition for acting. Studying characters is something that excites me, and I canโ€™t wait to do more.

Regarding your work as a model, how did your career start and what do you appreciate most about this environment?

I got recruited back in Pittsburgh to model and started doing print modeling for American Eagle, JoAnne Fabrics, Big Lots, and more. As social media developed, I have continued to do shoots for brands. I like that I am allowed to use my own creative expression when modeling.

You have really created many make-ups, but is there one you are particularly attached to?

Handsome Squidward is my favorite makeup look. Itโ€™s so fun.


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