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Martino Midali: “there will be an epochal change in fashion”

Martino Midali: “there will be an epochal change in fashion”

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According to Martino Midali, creative director and owner of the homonym women’s clothing brand, the fashion sector will undergo an epochal change precisely because of the pandemic. What is certain is that the brand has not given up in recent months. By embracing digital technology, it has managed to contain the crisis that many brands are currently experiencing.

With the new digital strategy of the Instagram live streaming of “MidaliLIVE #TousLesJours”, the brand has kept consumers’ attention alive.

The next few weeks are fundamental to understand the sales trend in the boutiques that have finally reopened. “We will certainly see an epochal change in the fashion sector.” says Midali, “We must move with caution and innovation, with courage and speed. I asked my collaborators to react and team up and experience this emergency as a new opportunity.”

An important difference, however, is the absence of tourists. In fact, Midali boutiques, especially those located in city centers, are suffering from the lack of foreign customers. The boutiques located in Como and Stresa are affected by the absence of the Swiss public, who will return to visit Italy starting from 15 June.

Among the challenges that the fashion sector must face is certainly the digital realm, which is why Midali has invested particular attention in social channels and e-commerce. The latter recorded a considerable increase in the previous three months: +50% in March, + 70 & in April, and + 120% in May. Concerning these exciting numbers, Midali commented: “Forced to isolate myself, I too have used the innovations made available by new technologies. I got used to it and I liked it. So I am not opposed to presenting the collections also digitally so that we can be seen by the whole world “and then added:” It is positive that with our direct streamings we are increasing our turnover abroad, especially in America and Russia, which are markets perfectly suitable for our products”.

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