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MFW Fall 2021: Antonio Marras

MFW Fall 2021: Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras presented his Fall 2021 collection with a 15-minutes short movie. It is set in Barumini, a charming century-old Sardinian village, protected by UNESCO for its incredible (and ancient) stone buildings. The magic of the place filters through the screen and it is not difficult to understand the fascination it has exercised on the designer: nature becomes a temple, an open-air place of worship where the connection with the earth is the fulcrum of the creed. The motherland imprints on us a mark that will never leave us and that, even if only on an unconscious level, exerts an influence that shapes us.

After all as human beings we are the sum of our experiences, aren’t we? It is no coincidence that the short film is entitled “De Annui Ses?”, literally “Where are you from?” in the Sardinian language. The invitation is reconstruct our identity through the study of our history. Thus, the collection is dominated by patchwork: not only the outfits are playfully layered with pieces very different from each other, but every single garment is created from a set of materials. There is embroidered cloth, shearling, organza. Knitwear, cotton and even technical camouflage fabric. The result is a fun, dreamy clash, somehow comforting despite the appearance. Perhaps, we know that this is how we are, variegated and diverse, and we see our reflection in the collection. In any case, it is, on the one hand, very wearable and declinable according to personal style; on the other hand, it invites us to make our taste a unique and unrepeatable experience, something to enhance, heal and feed.

image courtesy of Antonio Marras

Cover image courtesy: Antonio Marras


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