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MFW Fall 2021: N°21

MFW Fall 2021: N°21

For Alessandro Dell’Acqua, sensuality is a very important theme: we must learn to know it to establish not only a good relationship with ourselves but also with those around us. Fashion is the art of the body, in a certain sense, of covering it and making it visible, and for this reason, it has a lot to do with sensuality. Dell’Acqua knows this well, and is one of the few, today, to work on the subject assiduously. His work becomes even more significant today, after a year of social distancing. The Fall-Winter 2021 collection is dedicated to the rediscovery of the body – ours and that of others – in the waiting for a future reunion.

The designer is completely projected towards the future and has presented a collection that is almost totally “nocturnal”. Black dominates, but there are touches of pastel colours that match the prints: the checked one, suitable for the office even if not formal, and the animalier, decidedly more aggressive. As we said, it is a collection dedicated mostly to evening occasions, party and soireè.

The mini dresses reveal lace lingerie, which in one case is worn directly under the coat. The see-through evolves into deep necklines, slits and even a fringed miniskirt, reminiscent of the stage clothes of a soubrette.

image courtesy of No.21

It is no coincidence that Dell’Acqua’s work was inspired by the voyeuristic photographs of Carlo Mollino, a photographer from Turin who used to work on female subjects markedly sensual and exuberant, often en déshabillé. In general, this collection gives us a lot of hope, and a whole new charge to return, as soon as possible, to our meetings. Nightlife now seems like a faraway mirage, but we need to remain hopeful. Surely, Dell’Acqua’s clothes are a good starting point to imagine our return to normal. 

Cover image courtesy: N°21


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