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MFW FW 2021/22: Prada’s opulence & experimentation

MFW FW 2021/22: Prada’s opulence & experimentation

For the third Prada collection signed by the duo, Raf Simons and Miuccia reveal their creation within the Prada Foundation. Possible Feelings II: Transmute manifests the result of a conceptual experiment, in which designers have played with contrasts and contradictions.

Against the background of pink and purple walls, the Prada collection has perfectly unveiled the thought behind its realization.The experiment of the dress as a form of protection but also of experimentation between the known and the unknown.This is evident in the redefinitions of the suits through new and unexpected cuts, the long johns turtleneck elastic jacquard knit that wraps the body tightly, almost to represent a second skin. The stretch cuissard boots with platform feet were the icing on the cake.

In the words of Miuccia Prada: “In this collection we played with the idea of classic, subverting it, transmuting it. […] I like the word “classic” for this very reason.It indicates something that is really relevant to people, to life. Often, simply through new materials, a cut or a different context, something obvious, eternal, normal can be transformed with a simple gesture. This is what I really love about fashion”.

The superstructures and overlays dominate the show; the fur coats and oversized bomber jackets covered with faux fur, midi skirts over trousers with geometric patterns. The only constant is represented by the famous triangular logo, which returns on all the garments declined according to the fabric of a specific dress.

Speaking of the collection, Raf Simons said he was intrigued by the concept of change. “Transmutation is the word to which we return, intended as something that slowly transforms, moves and changes, intensifies. And it’s fascinating because it’s such a vast idea that it can be applied to so many things. There are many more contrasts in this collection – retro and futuristic, decorated and minimal, sporty and elegant -, combining them and making them hybrid with each other, we have created something that looks new”.

images courtesy of Prada


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