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Mikalah Gordon tells us about her first album, Vivian

Mikalah Gordon tells us about her first album, Vivian

When we have a dream we are also always full of uncertainties, fears, and we wonder what we will do in future if things do not go as we hope. Seriously? Not for Mikalah Gordon! This woman of incredible strength fears nothing and she goes straight on her way. A proud LGBTQ + from Las Vegas, Mikalah recently made her musical debut with her first album, Vivian, dedicated to her late grandmother and about love, loss and self-acceptance. In addition to music, she continues to be a guest on Channel Q’s Morning Beat radio show, where she talks about LGBTQ +, pop culture and entertainment.

Your first album “Vivian” has just been released. You must be very excited! Do you want to talk to us about how this project was born? We know the album’s name comes from your late grandmother. 

It has been soooo exciting the response towards my newly released album Vivian! My favorite thing has been that people say, “Oh this is the soundtrack to my life! Ah, you put into words what I haven’t been able to!” I really wrote this album so that anyone who listened would feel seen and heard. When my grandma Vivian died, it was like a rebirth for me. I was forced to finally heal and let go. My grandma gave me that gift.

You were in the Top 12 of American Idol Season 4, and then returned as the co-host of “American Idol Extra”. How did you live this experience? Do you have any anecdotes related to one or more experiences in the field? 

Omg it was amazing! I was barely 17, hosting an entire show! A quick story—on my first day hosting, I waited along with other tv show anchors to interview Simon Cowell. When he finally came out to the red carpet, he walked right up to me, gave me a great interview, and then walked to his car and left. I was the ONLY ONE who got an interview. He solidified me as a real host that day! 

Let’s talk about LGBTQ +: how do you think we could raise awareness among people who still see sexuality as a taboo?

I host a national LGBTQ morning show called the Morning Beat five days a week. We deal with this every single day. The best way to make anything less taboo is simply to humanize it. We are just humans. With good hearts. Doing our best. We aren’t scary. We just love who we love. 

Do you train regularly? It seems evident that you care a lot about your appearance, I guess you are also very attentive to nutrition.

Does it seem evident? Lol. I care more about the insides. I care most about being a good kind loving human. Any little girl reading this, please know, exterior fades. Just do your very best to be kind.  

Speaking of self-esteem, could you list what women should do to feel prouder of themselves and their bodies?

I think we should be focusing less on bodies and appearances all together. Social media and media all together will have you in a tailspin with how critical we are of women. You gain self-esteem by being true to your word, trying things you are afraid of, and understanding that Hollywood is a facade. 

Has there ever been a celeb you would like to work with ardently? Or a director, a photographer?

I am currently manifesting working with Leah Remini, Michelle Visage, Fran Drescher, and Barbra Streisand.  

What was your plan B, in case working in show business didn’t work out?

I have never had a plan B. I knew what I wanted, and I have never and will never let anyone sway me.  

What are your plans for the future instead? You seem interested in different kinds of art: would you like to explore other possibilities besides music? 

I actually am a host, and comedian as well! To me, that is art. I feel like I would love to paint, but sadly, I am not great. Lol. 


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