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Milan Fashion Week: Etro Men’s SS2021 and Women’s resort 2021

Milan Fashion Week: Etro Men’s SS2021 and Women’s resort 2021

Etro has always been an ethnic brand, attracted by colours, patterns and fabrics of distant culture (distant from Italy, its motherland). Veronica Etro’s fascination has always been attractive to her clients. In the last couple of years though, perhaps due to the misfortunes that Bel Paese has faced (and we are not only speaking about the pandemic, but also other natural disasters), Italy went back to seduce everybody, also Italian themselves. Following this general trend, Etro has dedicated its Spring 2021 collection to Italy, especially to its southern coasts, where the designer had the chance to travel many times. We find the Italian spirit in every piece: informality, joyfulness, carefree attitude. There is also a come back to the shiny 50s, when Cinecittà was the laboratory of many movies then became cult, movie starts used to go shopping in the center of Rome and the sun was never fading. 

The collection counts way less pieces than the precedent ones and this is the prof that, as we said in another occasion, many many conscious brands are taking the step of lowering the production and the wast. There are many elements of the naval world: not only usual prints, but also jewels made of big ropes usually associated with the sailing activities. We love the sandals in different colours and the short sweaters, open and close, to be worn with a shirt. 

Cover image courtesy: by Filippo Fior


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