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Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani SS21

Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani SS21

Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2021 fashion show has been transmitted live on La7 yesterday evening. In a moment when everybody is closing up – less people are invited to the events and way less international personalities are allowed to travel to the fashion capitals – Armani decided to open his doors literally to everybody. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

What happen is every body is allowed the see live the new collections? The elitism of the fashion system has been challenged since some times now: the year 2020 wants to put it out of its misery, as we used to say. Giorgio Armani’s fashion show opened up the path to a new type of sharing. The designer, 86 years old, is once again the favourite of the crowds, as if he was a sort of prince apart from a businessman and creative.

Maybe his position is also due to the universality of the message he is conveying to the audience since some decades now. Elegance and comfort, which go together despite what many may think. They are also at the base of Armani’s Spring 2021 collection. Soft suits, both in menswear and womenswear, loose dresses closed on the waist, silk pajamas and flat leather shoes. Very few accessories, little bags carrying the essential. The tones are dull, Armani’s favourite, here baby blue, gray, silver and black. There are also some total color outfits, a pearl white very sophisticated. 

Speaking about the show, Mr Armani underlined once again his priority, which is the slow down of the system. According to him, it would bring positive things only: more quality, in products and ideas, longevity and way less waste. After all, Armani is a true veteran of the field. He saw the very beginning of the Italian fashion system and the birth of marketing, with all its consequences. We just have to understand if his vision is a feasible fantasy, the base for a better future. 

Cover image courtesy: Giorgio Armani


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