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Milan Fashion Week: Valentino SS21

Milan Fashion Week: Valentino SS21

Valentino came back to Milan, after a long time, making the happiness of many. A gesture of solidarity during a Fashion Week that meant a lot.The choice of going back to the city is only the point of the iceberg, in a collection that is full of meanings and ideas. The fashion show was held in the Fonderie Macchi, a place of work that speaks to all the social strata; the casting was a beautiful example of inclusivity, with different and delicate beauties; Piccioli himself declared that he wanted to leave behind the concept of exclusivity and elitism, with have been the foundations of fashion for so many years but are now completely outdated.  

An other concept central to the Spring 2021 by Valentino is “identity”. Piccioli has always been very clear on his personal aims through Valentino’s collection. After all, Valentino’s power is also due to Piccioli public persona – as it was years ago with Valentino Garavani himself. The point is that this personal expression is what really makes the difference between brands able to signify something, and brands which are not destined to be big. It is a must for designers to expose themselves and stay true to their values all along the way. This is the only way the audience will feel in harmony with your work. 

This affirmation of independence has a rock soul. You can see it in the makeup as well, but also in the very famous rock-stud line of the label, with flat shoes and bags with stud details. Colours are, as usual, amazing, but cuts and outfits got simpler. There is lace, chiffon and long gowns made with the red carpet in mind. And if some spectators, during the live stream on Instagram, was shocked by the presence of some denim pants, we on the other side like a lot this immersion in reality. After all, the idea is not to create a parallel and detached reality for ourselves where to hide, but rather let our dreams modify our daily life.  

Cover image courtesy: by Alessandro Lucioni


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