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Milan Menswear Spring 2021: Jil Sander

Milan Menswear Spring 2021: Jil Sander

Jil Sander’s collections evolve over time but remain true to its own DNA without ever a misstep. This collection reconfirmed itself in line with the values and aesthetics of Lucie and Luke Meier, who work on traditional tailoring rules, play with and modify them, to make them softer.

Their work requires subtle sensitivity to be understood. Just as the many sublime details of their clothes ask for a careful look. The gray wool coat, for example, has adjustable sleeves thanks to a small metal ring: it looks like a jewel and is actually functional, utilitarian but no less valuable. The opposites always meet in Jil Sander. The contrast between the textures is our favorite feature, like the one between knitwear and leather.

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