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“Minimalism” editorial

“Minimalism” editorial

Minimalism in fashion, but what does it really mean? Beyond an aesthetic factor, because having a minimalist look is something you have to like first and foremost, there is really a different lifestyle choice behind it. Having few but good pieces. This is something that now seems out of the question, because the general idea is that to be accepted you must have as many outfits as possible. About shoes, bags, coats. The more we have, the more we feel we are worth. And so clearly either you are rich, or you fall into fast fashion. But who said that having a lot means being a lot? How much ‘richer’ can you be if you respect the planet and buy consciously? Just one coat, but one that you know exactly where it comes from and how it was made. And also psychologically, even if it feels like the opposite, we feel better when we have a tidy wardrobe with only pieces we really like in it. Clothes that we care about and take care of.

Preview from F/W 2023 / ’24 issue

Photography Victoria Huisman

Style Neridah Twisto

Model Ami Suzuki c/o Identity Models NYC

Makeup Nana Hiramatsu using MAC Cosmetics

Hair Style Kazuto Shimomura using Bumble and Bumble


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