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Mushrooms become fashionable with Hermès and Stella McCartney

Mushrooms become fashionable with Hermès and Stella McCartney

The scientific research to be implemented in the sustainability action plans is now numerous and some of these are bearing fruit. Research on fungi, for example, seems to be already available to fashion brands that have made of sustainability their focal point.

Indeed, a study has proven that from mycelium can be obtained a biodegradable skin, elastic and resistant as well. On Mylo, the new biomaterial, some of the most important fashion companies have already invested. Adidas, Stella Mccartney, Kering and Lululemon amongst the others.

At the same time, Hermès, is preparing to launch the new Victoria bag on the market. The bag is made with a vegan skin obtained from mycelium, a work of Myco Works. The new skin, Sylvania (the name itself evokes the idea of a forest) or more scientifically Fine Mycelium™, is the result of a three-year collaboration. Once the last details are in place, it will become the first biodegradable mycelium product on the market.

“Sylvania represents the way nature and biotechnology can work together to create a material with the highest quality standards,” said Myco Works’ CEO Matt Scullin.

Stella McCartney, whose commitment to the safeguard of the environment is now well known, has also created the first collection with Mylo leather in collaboration with Bolt Threads. The designer reconfirmed her mission to safeguard the planet in a statement on the new collection.

“I think Stella’s community should never be forced to sacrifice sustainability for luxury, and Mylo offers us a solution to that. The garments made with this material, rare and exclusive, reflect the commitment shared with Bolt Threads for a cruelty-free fashion industry, which considers the production of beautiful and luxurious materials in contrast with the death of creatures similar to us and the damage of the planet in which we live”.

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