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“Mushrooms” editorial

“Mushrooms” editorial

If you think the Avatar night garden scene is an amazing thing, you’ve obviously never seen the bioluminescent mushrooms we have on our planet. They are found in the temperate and tropical forests of the Americas, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and South Africa.

They become a guiding light at night and make your path magical. Indeed, their purpose is obviously not to be adorable for humans, but attract the attention of insects at night which will help them spread their spores. So be careful of the lights in the night and where they might take you.

Preview from S/S 20222 issue

Photography Julian Essink

Style Ricarda Venjacob c/o Liganord

Model Hyo Jin c/o Mirrrs models

Hair Style, Makeup Natalia Soboleva c/o Liganord

Photography Assistance Leon Grunau


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