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“My Double Me” editorial

“My Double Me” editorial

The continuous search for one’s uniqueness to escape from homologation was a key point in Vivienne Westwood’s life. But, you know, being such a unique and rare individual and also being a fashion personality embodies her contrasts.

Wanting to destroy the system and be the system at the same time. And finally, once you have become the system, mock it from within and try to change it. Look in the mirror and, why not, laugh at yourself and at your identity. Every day the same, but constantly evolving.

Preview from S/S 2023 issue

Photography Daniela Rettore

Style Benedetta Ceppi

Models Daseul e Dasol Kim c/o Tank Agency Milan

Hair Style Agata Branchina

Makeup Cristina Bonetti c/o Julian Watson Agency

Makeup Assistance Alessandra Nacri’

Post Production Kai Retouching Agency


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