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My sustainable home, is it just a dream?

My sustainable home, is it just a dream?

Who knows how many of you, in this period of quarantine, are re-evaluating the importance of living close to nature. We like the idea of making you start thinking about the future, and how much we all need to do to respect the world we live in. So how can we not start from the thought of the house in which we live? There are now many opportunities for new homes built according to ecological and environmental criteria, as well as systems for modifying existing apartments where, at least, we could take care of improving energy waste and not, having a house that respects the environment does not mean just go live in the middle of nowhere.

Girona Passive House, Spain |

We need to focus on the characteristics that a building should have (all or at least part of them) to be defined sustainable. Even just having a part of them, if we all thought about it, would be an incredible revolution.

Camden Passive House, Ranulf Road | ph. Tim Crocker

Try to imagine the feeling of daily living in a space that you know does not impact the environment. Warm up, use electricity, household appliances and think that everything you do is not polluting. Wonderful. In addition to the fact that, as you know, the more energy savings are taking place, the more you live better. Most people, for example, have at least old windows that don’t close perfectly. This requires keeping the heating sometimes more than twice as long as it would be necessary, as well as the house never warms up completely and therefore also the quality of life is lower. New good standard windows cost, ok, but how much do you spend on heating thrown because of the old ones? These are all considerations that must be made.

Furthermore, for those who wish, the various countries in the world are dealing with tax deductions and concessions aimed at facilitating the work of private individuals and condominiums who wish to improve the energy efficiency of their home, even up to bonuses for the purchase of household appliances in classrooms. higher energies. Just search for info on the websites of your government to see if you could have some facilitation.

Passive house in Agazzano Italy |
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