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“New Luxury” editorial

“New Luxury” editorial

The definition of “luxury”, on the dictionary, relies on the concepts of expensiveness (economically speaking), sophistication and rarity, but also futility. A luxury product is something not everybody can afford – and not every time – but it is anyways not necessary in our daily life. The idea of luxury is then different for every one of us: it depends on the place, the time and the ambitions of the single, on the social group of belonging.

In this editorial project you will find vintage clothes only, in an editorial whose aim is to define more conscious and definitely more appropriate for the time we are living. The new luxury is not anymore linked (only) to the price on the tag. The value of the product comes instead from the values it carries: vintage and second hand garments are the most conscious and sustainable alternative we have today.

If refinement and rarity stay unaltered – nothing compare in rarity to vintage clothes, made of refined fabrics meant to last to the passage of time and the natural caducity of things – what does change is the concept of inutility. The new luxury is everything but useless, on the contrary. It is necessary to save our planet and our relationship with clothes, in order for it to come back to love, cure and longevity, despite trends.

Preview editorial from FW 2020/21 issue

PAAR Photography
Style Richard Schreefel
Model Silke c/o Touche Models
Makeup, Hair Style Charlotte van Beusekom

Opening image: Dress Brandon Maxwell | Ring Dada Arrigoni
Here left: Jacket-Dress By Mondi | Boots Saint Laurent | Gloves Ines Gloves | Earrings Bron Jewelry
Right: Jacket Claude Montana | Shapewear & Stockings Wolford
Left: Jumpsuit Yves Saint Laurent | Earrings Chanel
Right: Jacket Thierry Mugler | Stockings Wolford | Ankle-Boots Iceberg


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