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New York Fall 2021: Anna Sui

New York Fall 2021: Anna Sui

Anna Sui is always a guarantee in terms of fun. Every time we look at one of her collections, it is like a bright flash: after all, fashion can still make us smile! In the age of the political-correct and inclusivity movement, it is more than right that consumers ask brands for a deep and genuine social commitment. The collections are an opportunity to reflect on the socio-political issues of our time, and if it is true that this is a congenital characteristic of the fashion industry, it is also true that it makes us lose sight of the lively side of the whole issue, which is having fun. Fashion is (also) the personal enjoyment of dressing up and changing skin, even if only briefly, let’s not forget it.

Anna Sui reminds us of this every new season: dress over the top, create and get inspired. There are no limits to what we can become through clothes – to what we can feel through them. This lightheartedness comes as fresh air in this period. The designer was inspired by a movie from 1968, Wonderwall, in which the protagonist, locked up in his house because of his studies, dreams of the crowded parties of the new neighbours, Jane Birkin and her (fictional) boyfriend. It is, therefore, no surprise that the entire collection refers to the aesthetic of those years, and its psychedelic component. 

image courtesy of Anna Sui

Background aside, this style suits well to Anna Sui. Distinctive features of her style are the black lace on mini dresses and skirts, the romantic chiffon, the colour palette and the overabundance of prints. Here, cow-animalier reigns, but there is no lack of flowers, checks and stripes. The line-up of external artists who collaborated in the creation of the collection partly continues from previous seasons, and new ones joined the group. Anna Castellano, Monika Forsberg and Golden Daze, together with the designer’s granddaughters, took care of the prints. Fellow Earthlings produced the sunglasses (and their matching chains) with recycled acetate.

Cover image courtesy: Anna Sui


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