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New York Fashion Week: Anna Sui SS 2021

New York Fashion Week: Anna Sui SS 2021

Anna Sui’s Spring Summer 2021 collection is playful and sugary as always. It is titled Heartland and refers to the little pink cottage, decorated with hearts and butterflies, in the background of the photos. The models look like dolls playing in front of their doll-house or cartoons’ characters sharing adventures. Heartland is the cottage but it is also US and all the daily things that make Sui’s life enjoyable and sweet. After the pandemic, Sui has re-discovered a deep connection with her motherland and, she wishes this reunion could be the place where to re-start together. 

Dresses are the key pice of the whole, with one suit, a jumpsuit and a couple of trousers. Every garment is perfectly made in detail. Embroideries and lace on cotton, never ending prints (big ones on the t-shirts and small repetitive ones on the rest). Sui’s inspiration came from several matrices, painters of past ages and contemporary designers, small gems unfortunately still local and not internationally known. The collection has been made with a very long list of collaborations: Sui wanted to mix different people and different crafts in order to build a future together. 

Thus, some of the prints on the t-shirts are made by Stevie Shao, while the handbags are realized by Birdie Purl with recycled cotton from discarded t-shirts. Gifted Acorn Crafts, thanks to a special forniture of discarded cans Sui took care of personally, made the bike hats. The ensemble is beautiful and has a special added value, which brings love and friendship together in the peculiar language of fashion. 

Cover image courtesy Anna Sui by Jackie Kursel


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