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Nilit certifies antiviral fabric BodyFresh

Nilit certifies antiviral fabric BodyFresh

Nilit, one of the largest Israeli nylon manufacturers in the country, has certified the new Bodyfresh antiviral fabric of the Sensil line. The tissue is able to decrease by 99.85% the activity of Betacoronavirus 1 (OC43). Experiments conducted so far suggest that the fabric will be best applied in sportswear, underwear and hosiery.

The Israeli company founded by the Italian Ennio Levi joins the long list of textile companies that are experimenting with new antiviral and antibacterial fabrics. According to data collected by Global Market Insights, this production segment was worth about $10.48 billion in 2019 and will grow, with an average annual trend of 9.6%, to reach 20.5 billion in 2026.

Saage Aran, Marketing Manager at Nilit described the properties of the new fabric at Fashion Network: “By inhibiting microbial growth, the tissues remain fresh for longer and require less washing. The benefits are integrated into the yarn and do not fade or are consumed for the life of the fabric, providing sustainable protection that does not pollute the waterways”.

This feature meets the increasingly conscious needs of consumers. The need and desire to buy more and more sustainable products also adds to the growing desire to wear something that makes you feel protected. Now as never before this need has become increasingly stronger precisely because of coronavirus, and it is not excluded that even once the epidemic emergency is overcome this feeling will persist.

“We have changed in depth the entire set of products of our brand Sensil.The yarn is the same, but new packaging, new stories and new features convey it”, continues Aaran, “What we want to do with Sensil fabric lines is to provide retailers and brands with tools that can provide them and their end customers (and therefore the planet) with concrete benefits”.


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