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Paige Mobley interview: the importance of representing and narrating women

Paige Mobley interview: the importance of representing and narrating women

From a passion for renovation and design to the entertainment industry and fashion. Paige Mobley has always wanted to do what she is doing and has pursued her dreams since childhood. She strives to give voice to female storytelling and representation through her film, television and theatre production company ‘Eastend Entertainment’, which she founded with her partner Carroll Middelthon.

You have been involved in the entertainment industry since a young age, taking part in TV series such as Gossip Girl and Socially Awkward. How did your passion for this world come about?

I always wanted to be in entertainment, somehow. I loved performing from a very young age and I was determined to break into the industry upon moving to New York. While I was in college, I would do extra work on big TV shows before finally landing an agent.

Your big break came in 2016 when you became a contestant of America’s Next Top Model. What do you remember about that experience?

It was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the experience so much and I’m really grateful for the doors it opened for my career.

You were part of Netflix’s Instant Dream Home team, which deals with renovation projects, but your passion for this world was born long before, because thanks to your parents you have always been immersed in renovation and design. What do you appreciate most about this job?

As simple as it sounds, there is truly nothing better than helping out good people. It’s the heart of our show and the best part of the experience.

You founded Eastend Entertainment with Carroll Middelthon, a film, television and theatre production company that promotes women and their stories. How did the idea come about?

Carroll and I are both highly motivated women who care deeply about storytelling and female representation. We wanted to build a place in the industry for female storytelling.

Besides being an actress, producer and TV personality, you are also a model. What is your relationship with fashion and in which brand do you most reflect yourself?

My 20’s have been a decade of self-discovery. Trying multiple styles and seeing what fits / what I gravitate towards. I feel like my style preferences change daily and I’m still figuring it out.

Is there someone who inspires you in your everyday life and in your work?

Shonda Rhimes. She’s my greatest inspiration in the industry.

You are currently based in Los Angeles, what does this city offer you on a personal and professional level?

LA has been my home for most of my 20’s. I’ve learned so much here and really attribute so much of my personal growth to this city. The people here are really kind.

If you had not worked in the entertainment industry, what would you have liked to do?

I would have been a theater teacher. I will definitely still pursue that in the future.


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