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“Pain is Gain!” Exclusive interview with the actor Christian Vit

“Pain is Gain!” Exclusive interview with the actor Christian Vit

Certainly the path’s obstacles do not scare Christian Vit and giving up is not a word that suits him for sure. Beyond his evident acting ability, we discovered a profound man, with a strong and resourceful character. He loves sport and good food, he is committed to safeguarding the oceans, he knows exactly what he wants from life and where to go and get it. As they say, first of all you have to be a fan of yourself. This will allow others to find out how much you are worth. It sure worked for him!

Art is strongly rooted throughout Italy. But as for some cities in particular, it is almost impossible to grow up there and not have some kind of influence. How much and how do you think Venice has shaped you as an artist?

Being born in Venice has certainly influenced my personality and artistic training. It is a city of international scope, stimulating, dynamic but also with solid roots and historical traditions. From an early age I loved getting lost in the calli and campielli and while I wandered my mind traveled and dreamed. I still didn’t have clear ideas about what I would do in my life but I was sure about one thing: I wanted to travel and I definitely wanted experiences to learn more about some of those cultures I came across when I was in the city.

Your story as an actor begins in Italy, and not bad either! You might be wondering why you moved, as your career was already doing pretty well here. You must be a very ambitious person, which we love very much.

There are variables in life that can directly be controlled, and others purely random. The opportunities that can make a difference in the actor’s career are part of this second category. I realized that after 7 years spent in Rome the opportunities of this type were not coming and so I decided to move and look for them in another country. I am certainly an ambitious person but, above all, I don’t like playing the “small game”, the competition does not scare me and I always like to be where things are done at the highest levels.

What are the best memories on the sets in Italy? Any funny anecdotes?

Several years ago I shot a commercial on the Amalfi Coast and when I arrived on the set, ready to shoot, they decided at the last moment to take off my beard. Since the make-up department was far from the filming location, they took me to a barbershop in the small square of the next town so as not to waste time. The barber began a magnificent procedure of face massages with creams and hot towels before proceeding with shaving with a brush, almond milk foam and a free blade razor… and I fell asleep.

Nobody in the shop woke me up for not being rude and the whole set was waiting for me to come back as soon as possible… At a certain point the assistant director ran to get me because they were all worried and found me “sprawled” in the chair and with the nose bubble… What can I say, one of those moments when you would like to totally disappear… but guys, what a show that barbershop.

Ahah yes, very funny. Also we know you are in the cast of Gabriel’s Rapture, an American project shot in Florence under the direction of Tosca Musk. Can you give us some anticipation?

I recently went to Florence to shoot a role in the second chapter of a trilogy based on the novels of Sylvain Reynard. This second part is titled Gabriel’s Rapture and my character is that of an expert Dante professor with a decidedly “dark” side. Often they make me play the role of the “bad guy” and it is something that amuses me a lot. Some shots were taken inside the Uffizi Gallery which was closed to the public due to the lockdown and open exclusively for the film crew. It had been a long time since I shot a project in Italy and it was simply wonderful to work surrounded by such works of art and in the intimacy of the completely deserted museum.

You have had many different roles from sitcoms to drama to TV series, which demonstrate your great acting ability. What has been your favorite role so far?

Game of Thrones was definitely a role I loved because of the genre of the show, the costume I wore and the whole set organization. It was a wonderful experience. From an actor’s point of view, however, I cannot fail to mention Holby City: playing a character for 44 episodes required a very deep work on an interpretative level and certainly allowed me to mature a lot as actor.

Is there a particular film director you hope to work with in the future? Or an actor / actress you hope to find on the set? A “point of arrival”, so to speak.

I would love to work with Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, both extremely brilliant and visionary. I would like to find Jeff Bridges on the set, an artist I respect a lot for his work and for the evolution he has had over the years. More than a point of arrival, however, I would call it a “point of confirmation“. I believe that each project is a stage in the actor’s journey and that it allows us to acquire tools and experience and then dedicate ourselves to the next one. I like to think that being an actor means embarking on a journey that, potentially, never ends.

We know that you are a sports fan and we are big advocates of health. Do you also have some secret “beauty routine” or do you approach beauty only through sport?

Playing sports is definitely an outlet for me and a panacea for my body. I am a very active and dynamic person, I like to be always on the go. I also love cooking and good food, so regularly burning a lot of calories helps me to keep a good metabolism and allows me to break the rules without thinking too much about it. Beauty, however, also passes through other important factors in my opinion: a good mental and emotional balance, if we are comfortable with ourselves, it is certainly also reflected externally. A healthy diet, the way we eat is essential. Sleeping an adequate number of hours, especially as we progress through the years, being well rested plays an important role in our appearance. It is the balance of all these elements that, in my opinion, contributes to creating true beauty.

We are very interested in people involved in sustainability and we have seen that you are a strong advocate of preserving oceans and glaciers.

Il mio mestiere porta inevitabilmente ad una esposizione al pubblico sia dal punto di vista professionale che personale. Sono fortemente convinto che sia giusto utilizzare questa esposizione per dare un messaggio ed un esempio positivo alla collettività. Tra le varie organizzazioni che sostengo e che mi stanno a cuore c’è “Water Smart Foundation” di cui sono ambasciatore e che si occupa, attraverso le sue varie attività, di salvaguardare i mari, gli oceani e la vita marina attraverso la progressiva eliminazione della plastica. Naturalmente eliminare la plastica significa anche evitare una grossa emissione di CO2 nell’ambiente contribuendo a non alterare ulteriormente il riscaldamento globale e salvaguardando così i ghiacciai.

My job inevitably leads to exposure to the public both from a professional and personal point of view. I am strongly sure that it’s right to use this exhibition to give a message and a positive example to the community. Among the various organizations that I support and that are close to my heart is the “Water Smart Foundation”, of which I am an ambassador and that, through its various activities, is involved in safeguarding the seas, oceans and marine life through the progressive elimination of plastic. Of course, eliminating plastic also means avoiding large emissions of CO2 into the environment, helping not to further alter global warming and thus safeguarding glaciers.

Being LATEST primarily a fashion magazine, this question is always a must for us. Do you have any fashion brands that you particularly like, or that you think can represent you most?

I always carefully choose what I wear and I certainly like to wear clothes that represent my personality. I prefer a sober but never banal style and I love high quality things. Among the brands I like and represent me most is Diesel for jeans, Ermenegildo Zegna for suits, Tom Ford for the quality and cut of his creations, John Varvatos for the grit of his style. I also love wearing silver men’s jewellery and I really like Claudio Calestani’s creations.

Is there any advice you would give to young actors?

The job of the actor requires commitment, dedication and patience, a lot of patience. Over the years I have seen many colleagues leave enthusiastic and then give up almost immediately, at the first difficulties. We all have moments of despair and receiving a “no” does not please anyone, but due to the unpredictable nature of this profession, the advice I can give is: Pain is Gain!”


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