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Paris Fashion Week: Acne Studios SS21

Paris Fashion Week: Acne Studios SS21

We are going towards the end of a pretty intense month, which is affecting deeply the fashion industry. Looking back to it, it is clear many designers have been positively affected by the lockdown after all, which has been an educative period for them, despite the uncertainty it brought along. Maybe, 2020 will be remembered as a cathartic experience, though which humanity faced its biggest fears, learned how to revaluate the world around and every little things it used to believed as guaranteed. This is more or less what Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios, thought about while creating the Spring 2021 collection: a “post-apocalyptic” wardrobe. 

Looks are relaxed and loose, ultra modern and fashionable. Key pieces are maxi sweaters and over sized, unstructured blazer, with very long sleeves; trousers, midi skirts and tops quite tight, widening at the hems; long and large dresses, which just brush the body and seem rather to fluctuate. A great attention is for fabrics and materials. There is some leather, very thin organza, net-fabric and a couple of pieces are made with a paper-like material. 

The iridescent cloth is the most catchy and interesting one, in silver, but also black and pink. It holds an otherworldly allure. Johansson has been inspired by some sort of new-age belief, which could be an helpful allay to get out of this dark period. 

Cover image courtesy: Acne Studios


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