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Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga SS21

Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga SS21

Balenciaga’s Spring 2021 by Demna Gvasalia is not only the collection for next spring, but also for the future in a more general and timeless sense. The garments – a sapient mix of different influences, high and low, formal and informal without solution of continuity – are made to stay long, eventually for ever. Gvasalia thought about it a lot during the lockdown: he thought about fashion, its meanings, its feelings, its reasons. He also thought about its aftermaths, on people and on the planet, on our future actually, since the pollution coming from this industry is drastically changing the balances of our world and it will change our life as well. 

Thinking about the fashion fo tomorrow, in the short but also long period, the designer is more positive than we would expect him to be – according to his latest shows, rather dystopic. Models are filmed in a music video, walking the streets of Paris, on the tune of I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. A very engaging and genial solution to present a collection. They go out, they meet up in a Parisian nightlife we can only dream right now, since the restrictions. They do not wear any face mask, because Gvasalia is positive: one day, this one will be a closed chapter. 

The collection is oversized and gender-neutral. Everyone is free to chose what to wear, and this is also linked to sustainability. Gvasalia explained in detail why and how producing oversized clothes requires less cuts and eventually less waste, in a lighter chain. Oversize style also fits every type of body and can be arranged depending on the personality of the wearer. In addition to that, 95% of the collection is made with up-cycled or sustainable materials. We see again a trend we have spotted on the runways of all the fashion month: patchwork. It is probably a natural consequence of the period we are going through and of the experiments we are making on production. In any case, it will be a very strong trend in the following months. 

Cover image courtesy: Balenciaga


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