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Paris Fashion Week: Cecilie Bahnsen SS21

Paris Fashion Week: Cecilie Bahnsen SS21

In the (partial) immobility of latest months, Cecilie Bahnsen thought a lot about movement. Not just any moment, but a forward movement, a destination. To have it is not always easy, not granted in these times. However, we should always try to go on, it is an imperative for humanity – but also for our personal well being. 

Thus, among other things that inspired her, Bahnsen spoke about Hashimoto Shoko’s photographs, taken in Japan during the 70s, and P.S. Kroyer’s paintings, whose subjects are women walking on the beach, towards a real or imagined horizon. 

Bahnsen’s dresses are wide by definition, airy and light. In the Spring 2021 the possibility of movement becomes even more important, maybe as an antidote to the “prison” we have been closed in for so long. Gowns are an explosion of tulle and organza, feminine in details, for example the slightly designed bustiers. Crystals, embroideries and laces are simple additions for when we want to escape in search of beauty. 

Cover image courtesy: Cecilie Bahnsen by Lana Ohrimenko


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