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Paris Fashion Week: Loewe SS21

Paris Fashion Week: Loewe SS21

Jonathan Anderson proved himself, in the latest period, a genius in communicating his brands – additionally to his incredible design, of course. To present the Spring 2021 by Loewe, the brand sent a “show-on-the-wall”: panels, scissor and a brush, and then posters with the models on natural size to be glued on the wall on a funny flower wallpaper by the receivers. If the public is invited to create and play with decoupage, the collection itself has been made in a sort of multi-handed long distance collaboration. The creative team was in lockdown and artists and craftsmen worked apart to each other. Anderson pushed them to use their creativity fully, in order to overcome the distance and the difficulties in finding the materials and the fabrics in such a period. 

Anderson wishes Loewe to remain an experimental brand, culturally engaged and always interesting. This is, after all, the perfect recipe to stay alive in a very complicated market. For this reason it is important to collaborate with several artists from different disciplines (Anthea Hamilton for the wallpaper, Hilary Lloyd and Jadé Fadojutimi  just to name a few). Artists are also models, posing in funny positions in incredibly intense dresses. 

Garments are like works of art. They put together fabrics and materials: among other, the leather, once again magnetically intertwined, but also the lurex cloth used for long evening dresses meant to be changed and modified by the wearer with a clever system of nodes. Shapes are wide and exaggerated, as if they were princess’ gowns looked through a distorting lens, which change their appearance according to new beauty ideals. Anderson suggests this si the time to rethink about how we think and perceived fashion, it is time for us to go back loving it as an art full of possibilities. In the video, he leaves us a concise yet powerful quote: “this is a moment where it is not about being bombastic, it’s more about being sensitive, and sincere and honest of where we are at”. 

Cover image courtesy: Loewe


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