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Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Berluti

Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Berluti

One of the advantages of digital fashion week is that designers finally have the space to explain their creations. Often, in traditional fashion shows, the only thing that can be seen is the clothes themselves, and only little explanations are provided – through press releases or explanatory pamphlets.

In Berluti’s video presentation, Kris Van Assche, creative director of the brand, explains that this aspect is what he liked the most about the current situation: “There is this one thing that you can’t do in a fashion show, which is put pause” he says,”and explain where things come from”. Finding the bright side is a bit of the final message of the collection itself, which is joyful because of its colours, and is developed around the theme of individuality.

The focal point is the printed shirts, whose inspiration comes from the ceramics of the American artist Brian Rochefort. In his three-dimensional works Rochefort works with colours and textures. He mixes different tones, creates them by mixing colours in an innovative and experimental way. Then, he puts them on the ceramics and creates layers, more or less thick, to create unexpected decorations. Its vases seem to have been born naturally in the thick of the forest or in the ocean. It is an absolutely pure and energetic, vital art – character inherited from the Berluti collection which, in addition to prints, also develops the discourse of texture. Knitted t-shirts, for example, are a real gem.

Cover image courtesy: Berluti via Instagram.


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