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Paris Menswear Spring 2021: CMMN SWND

Paris Menswear Spring 2021: CMMN SWND

Under the wide-brimmed hats of CMMN SWND there could be both men and women. For example, we wouldn’t mind going out in one of the beautiful suits of the collection, which is exactly the quintessence of the style.

Natural: in materials, colours, prints and also in the fashion show itself, with high ears of wheat on the sides and electronic music mixed with the natural sounds of open and sunny spaces. Great protagonist are lines, which are thick and colorful, strictly vertical. Along with these there are some floral prints and rather precious embroidery always of a floral nature. For the rest, the colour block is intense, thanks also to the texture of the cotton itself, woven into low-cut and airy tops to be worn under the double breast.

Even the tailored suits acquire indeed a certain amount of exoticism and safari-style. In addition to these, the pieces to have are knitted shorts with fringes and the sweatshirt with heart detail.

The spring collection of CMMN SWND is the perfect recipe for anyone looking for a simple, wearable and extremely tasteful wardrobe.

Cover image courtesy: CMMN SWND via Instagram.


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