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Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Dior Homme

Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Dior Homme

Dior Homme collection for Spring 2021 is born from the collaboration between the designer Kim Jones and the artist Amoako Boafo, originally from Ghana. Jones himself “summarizes” – if you can summarize such a multifaceted and interesting collaboration – the goal of the collection in “the portraits coming to life”.

All features of the collection derives, in one way or another, from the works of the artist, who has become famous for his large portraits mainly. These are made for the most part with fingers: it is a very free expressive technique, as we can see in the video presentation, where the artist only partially follows an initial scheme and eventually finishes with brushes. The artist also underlines the importance of flat colours for his imagery, which form the background of his portraits and allow the portrayed character to remain the focus of the work. In the same way, the garments of the Dior Homme collection impress with their texture. From smooth materials to fluffy fabrics, passing through tank tops made of a special trim made from the Dior logo. Then there are some very elaborate pieces, obtained from the ivy motif dear to Christian Dior and present in a portrait of the artist as well. The colours are obviously full and homogeneous.

The collection is brilliant from a stylistic point of view, and is significant from a humanitarian and cultural point of view. Boafo has not asked for any royalties for himself. As payment he asked Maison to finance the construction of a foundation in Accra for young African artists. Boafo and Jones agree on the need to support the education (artistic or not) of young black people, not only in Africa, but in the world. This is the only way to allow them to gain a place in modern society in the near future. What is needed is authentic and immediate help. By implementing Boafo’s own words, whose inspiration often comes from those people who “create space for others to exist”.

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