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Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Issey Miyake

Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Issey Miyake

Homme Plissé by Issey Miyake is “for a future that is healthy, bright and full of hope”. These are the words at the end of the video, which put in legible characters the otherwise only suggested message from the Japanese designer.

The clothes for spring summer 2021 are presented by three dancers who, in an absolutely white room are attracted by the bright and inviting colours of the garments. Egg yellow, mint green, sky blue, but also sandy tons, pink, orange and electric blue. Some prints are presented in pastel tones and in black and white. Everything (or almost) is in the well recognizable plissé.

By the very character of the material, Miyake’s clothes are relaxed and playful. They give the body all the space it needs to move and dance indeed. They have very simple lines, but they are far from boring minimalism. On closer inspection there is a perfect balance, which makes the collection as beautiful and special as ever.

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