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Pre-Collection Spring 2021: Lanvin

Pre-Collection Spring 2021: Lanvin

The set of SS21 Lanvin pre-collection is Le Palais Idéal, located near Lyon, France. It is a difficult building to describe, partly because it brings together several and apparently unrelated styles, partly because it looks more like a work of Nature than architecture, with all its indentations and protuberances, turrets and slits.

The designer Bruno Sialelli explained that the building attracted his attention because it is the work of art of a man who knew nothing about architecture, who created driven only by what he liked without any other notion in mind. Above all, without intellectual pretensions: “Sometimes, the way I work, I mix references not in an intellectual way but in a way that’s more about associating things that give you what you want to say”. This is a very idea to think about, the one at the base of Pre Spring 2021 collection of the label. Sialelli took inspiration mainly from the history of the brand itself, which has its roots in 1920, an era of beauty, glamor and irreverence. He sewed together the various pieces of history, creating a collection that inherits an enveloping and somewhat perturbing charm.

As well as the building where they were photographed, clothes and accessories have a difficult aesthetic to translate into words. The silhouettes are essentially bon ton: skilfully cut suits, long dresses with American necklines. Outerwear is very interesting, both for men and women, as well as prints. In general, the level of accuracy and good taste of the collection is a feature that is often lacking nowadays, but that in our eyes represents the true idea of elegance – something Lanvin got us used to. The extravagant touch is necessary to make everything even more genuine and refined.

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