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Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Y/Project

Paris Menswear Spring 2021: Y/Project

The right adjective to describe the Spring collection of Y/Project is “intelligent”. Not only because Glenn Martens’ project is absolutely clever and contemporary: distorted, problematic and energetic at the same time. but also for the clothes themselves. The idea is simple: with strategic buttons, zip and drawstring, every look can change and transform. For example, if we buy the curled mini dress in light beige and then one day we want to wear a tight high-waisted midi dress, just by moving the side drawstrings we obtain what we desire. And if the black office-appropriate blazer becomes boring to continue the day at the cocktail bar with friends, a system of side curls allows you to change the position of some panels of fabric, transforming the piece in a cool and experimental tailored jacket. Y/Project has also thought of a black satin tote which, open laterally, becomes a scarf to wear around the neck. 

In short, for every classic and relaxed garment in the collection, we also find its distorted, over the top and personal counterpart. Personalization is indeed what the designer had in mind. The beauty of the message is that the same type of distortion can be applied to any other item that we already have in the closet, just think of the possible ways to do it! By applying snap buttons for example, is a simple and impactful idea.

For Martens, sustainability and less waste are central issues today. His creative proposals add something interesting to think about, also because they show us that there is no need to give up creativity to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

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