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Talking to Petite Meller makes you savor the taste of Art and Philosophy. You perceive it, you are faced with a completely uncommon person who lives life to the fullest. Citizen of the world, eager to discover different cultures and countries. Her music is made for dancing and letting loose, with that hint of nostalgia that makes you cry and chase away the pain. Personally it was a very happy discovery, so I suggest you read something more about her here, and then of course follow her music. Not to mention the beautiful photos that we have exclusively for the September web cover!

Art Direction & AI Digital Editing Odie Senesh c/o Oddd Creatives
Photography Michal Chelbin
photography Assistance Yoomee Khamai Ohayon
Style Chumi Polak
Style Assistance Mor Sudri
Model / Talent Petite Meller
Hair Style Or Tseiri
Makeup Roey Ohayon
Set Design & Production Liya Eliezer
Flower Design Bini Bouquet

Your new single “The Drummer” is amazing, I can’t stop dancing to it. Your music is what I’ve always called “dance and cry”, which for me is a mix of nostalgia, desire to dance and cry of joy, I love it! What was the inspiration for this new song?

Thank you! The Drummer is for me like a revolution song. I wrote it while everyone around me were down because of the news! The lyrics talks about my path to uplift people and to fight against accepting the common popular reality, by creating our own. I wanted to shout out through my music to wake up people like the little Drummer from the book “The Tin Drum” of Gunter Grass. 

We don’t accept popular reality. We want to be optimistic. No bad news consumers.  And you, leaders of content, you are just not as happy as the other kids. 

Of course I love to combine deep text with euphoric joyful music, as you said for dancing the pain away. In Philosophy this term calls “Jouissance” which is a pleasure out of pain.

The Drummer Lyrics:

“I want to be your drummer

How can I be 

I wanna feel the summer 

Come right here

And set me free 

I can’t 

I can’t stop the news but I keep trying 

I’ve been 

Looking for something new 

inside my mind 

How about 

Put it out 

Take it to the streets 

One of us

One of us 

Finding you’re own peace 


Are you as happy as the other kids?

Tell me”

You were born in Paris and then lived your adolescence between France and Israel. You then moved to New York, London, and we wish you to visit many more countries. The resulting cultural mix has definitely had a big impact on you. How important do you think it is to be citizens of the world?

I was really bad in geography. I always wanted to travel in order to meet locals and understand where every country is and music allowed me that. I feel like My ear is my compass, the sounds of music navigate me to my next destination. When I stir in the studio, the bongos sent me to Africa, the flute to Mongolia the sax to New York. In My music videos I meet the locals and together we create a new public movement. A New folklore.

How did it all start? Tell us about your love of music and its development to date. We know that art is crucial in your life.

As a child I was dancing on pavement imagining it’s a stage, I was recording lil songs for myself but they always came to me like lil presents. Big ones actually. In some points I recalled my love to Jazz and records of Duke Ellington that my sister used to listen to, I was in Brooklyn hearing a sax player on the street and felt that’s the music I wanna do, Jazzy Pop. I filmed my first music video NYC Time Then a UK manager discovered me, I signed to Island records and performed a lot in Europe. My dream was to travel through music and discover new continents.

If you had to describe your music with just three film artists, a musician and a painter from the past, who would they be and why?

Tarkovsky for his poetic visuals, Dizzy Gillespie for his Joyful crying Trumpet and Egon Schielle his characters and their inspired my style.

Even on an aesthetic level, your personality manages to emerge particularly well. In Italy I would be curious to see some shots from your meeting with Lucia Giacani, or with Paolo Roversi in Paris. Is there a team you hope to meet in the future?

Luckily I worked with legend I admired like Douglas Kirkland, and lately with Hedi Slimane. I missed the opportunity meeting Godard but Cinéma is the next thing I’m really curious about.
As a philosophy master , psychoanalysis of Lacan, and Kant’s sublime are themes I’d love to explore more through cinema.

When someone meet people like you, with such particular aesthetics, you always imagine a life made up of strangeness. What are your hobbies instead? What does Petite do on her “free day”?

I’m addicted to saunas, that’s my fetish. I wish we all sit in saunas all day and talk Philosophy. I read Zizek , I do Pilates, I write songs and play with my pomsky Francis.

Do you have any projects in the pipeline that you would like to give us a preview of?

I just came back from a soho house tour with my band, I’m about to release a cover for Patti Smith’s -Dancing Barefoot with DJ Niv Ast.
And Through this Latest Magazine shoot I met Odie Senesh Who I’m gonna collaborate on a more cinematic project.
And photographer Michal Chelbin who shot this story is one of my dreams to work with again as I was one of her first models to shoot. So thank you Latest for the opportunity.


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