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PFW Fall 2021: Freedom according to Jil Sander

PFW Fall 2021: Freedom according to Jil Sander

Jil Sander FW21

At the opening of Paris Fashion Week, this Sunday, Jil Sander brought color. The staging is rather minimal, sometimes even plain but it is precisely this effect that makes the light of clothes stand out further.

Winter according to Jil Sander is full of lemon yellows, violet and pale orange, with geometric graphics, reminiscences of the ’60s (the brand was born in 1968). There are also effective see-through elements. 

For this debut on the Parisian catwalk -the brand used to parade at the Milan Fashion Week- and the fresh purchase by the OTB, Jil Sander reveals another side of itself. So far it has remained in the background of the black and white color palette to which we were accustomed.

Fearless is the title of the collection, and wants to be an ode to freedom and individuality, as explained by designer duo Lucie and Luke Meier. “It is the mirror of the sense of self-reflection and of the intimacy we enjoy, even if forced, and of the desire we have for the company of others”.

To manifest this sense of freedom there are the wonderful sartorial works. The square cuts, simple and clean, are combined with optimal techniques, fil coupé and plissé. Furthermore, the geometry of jewels follows that of the prints on midi and maxi dresses.

  • Jil Sander FW21
  • Jil Sander FW21
  • Jil Sander FW21

“We are pluralistic, eclectic, and the same goes for the way we want to perceive and show ourselves,” explains the creative duo. Thus, this plurality is particularly evident in the combinations of materials, wool, cotton and leather, on the combination of styles, lingerie on casualwear.

The silhouettes are soft, at times tight with to the belts that tighten at the waist. Moreover, the most refined sandals alternate with boots in vinyl or soft nappa, and more casual flip flops. The layering of styles and structures is evident.

Images courtesy of Jil Sander


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