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PFW Fall 2021: Marine Serre

PFW Fall 2021: Marine Serre

To present her Fall-Winter collection, Marine Serre has decided to launch a dedicated temporary website where Core is the title given to the collection. The site is not simply a “superficial” presentation, in the sense that it is not limited to exhibiting clothes and outfits but, with a very intimate approach, goes into detail and presents to the public what is behind the collection. This, in itself, is not an absolute novelty: many designers want to reveal (even if only partially) the “behind the scenes” to the public. What is surprising, however, in Serre, is the delicacy with which the process takes place, because it goes to the bottom and exposes the intimacy of the designer herself. In reality, it would be better to speak in the plural because collections are a common result, made up of several people. The family, friends and the creative circle gravitating around Marine Serre was indeed exalted in the presentation. Core, the inside.

The core of a brand is also its philosophy, and consequently its aesthetics. Marine Serre is among the most recognizable emerging designers because of her style. She has emphasized several times, knowing oneself is essential. This is also a bit of a summary, in simple terms, of the fashion of the future. If it is true that we are moving away from trends, then it is also true that a brand identity must be extremely strong in order not to change – or rather, to do so while remaining true to itself.

image courtesy of Marine Serre

Marine Serre, therefore, proposed a collection that combines the salient features of the brand (in its first three years of life) and adjusts them for the future. Nothing of its aesthetic has gone out of fashion, everything is extremely contemporary, cool. The same process of “creative recycling” also took place on a practical level. Some of the denim and silk, for example, have been recycled from past collections and scraps. It is possible to know the background of the whole process by visiting the website and clicking on the material of interest, which will take you directly to a mini explanatory documentary.

Cover image courtesy: Marine Serre


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