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PFW FW21: Hermès

PFW FW21: Hermès

For the fall/winter 2021 collection Hermès has put on a real show lasting about 25 minutes. The collection unfolded on a triptych of presentations, each in a different geographical locations. It starts in New York, where dancers have performed in a ballet of contemporary dance wearing brown garments, one of the main colors of the Maison Hermès. It’s the art in motion.

We then continue with Paris, where the presentation of the collection itself took place. Hermès’ path starts from black, and then unfolds on the different warm and sensual tones typical of the French house. From black on modern clothes, sometimes of sporty inspiration, we move to the warm shades of red and orange, combined with light midi dresses and pleated skirts.

The play between cotton and leather is evident and creates contrasts not at all uncomfortable. The leather does not force the movements, on the contrary, enhances them, highlighting in the silhouette its softness and malleability.

There is no lack of trends that we have seen in the previous collections, the fringes at the ends of the garments give dynamism and make Hermès well anchored to modernity, demonstrating that even one of the ancient and most illustrious French maison can keep up with the times, modernizing where possible, interpreting their own codes, always.

From the red and the brown, you switch to lighter shades, such as those on the dress with ruffled sleeves and some details in mint green that overlaps with traditional colors in stimulating and lively combinations. 

Hermès fashion is, as always, a practical fashion, with a subtle elegance and never ostentatious, a sobriety that never sacrifices style, but rather combines it every time through contemporary silhouettes. Finally, the presentation arrives in Shanghai, where another dance show keeps us in front of the screen.


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