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PFW: Issey Miyake FW21/22

PFW: Issey Miyake FW21/22

Issey Miyake, perhaps one of the most illustrious protagonists of Paris Fashion Week, presented his fall/winter 2021 collection. As the Way it Comes to Be is a reflection on the role of nature, a symbiosis of the body with the earth, with shapes and colors recalling the natural elements.

The collection follows a very precise path through the natural properties of the planet. The result is a chromatic journey of well-defined shapes.

It all starts from the idea of the waves of the sea; the garments designed for this section are made with a mixture of cotton and polyester and sewn with elastic fabrics, which create a curled effect in the pre-washed phase. The garments are soft, the silhouettes unstructured thanks to the wavy effect of the fabrics and the color palette, which goes from blue to orange and then dampen in neutral tones, evokes those of a maritime landscape.

We then continue with clothes that reflect the curves and colors of the cliffs, made by the juxtaposition of two fabrics, which converge in the abstract graphics in marble effect. The third section, represented by mainly monochromatic garments, is composed of clothes made by Kyoto artisans with the suminagashi technique. Water is poured on the fabric, leaving the colour to expand independently. The result is then transferred to another clean cloth. There are also garments made of cotton and organic wool used for jumpsuits and suits.

The last section, perhaps the most beautiful of all, is represented by the Japanese dyeing technique called hogushigasuri. The fabrics are folded in rectangular shapes, giving an idea of three-dimensionality and depth. The effect is very reminiscent of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust outfit. The monochromatic palette tending to beige evokes a lunar landscape.

Cover courtesy Issey Miyake


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